Uniting artists from different countries, cultures and music backgrounds on a week-long writing camp to collaborate for the first time and make an album together.
Through building an equitable creative infrastructure, powered by collective strength and knowledge exchange, these writing camps:

  • Provide new, enriching international experiences for independent and emerging artists artists
  • Harness the power of interdependence, empowering artists to invest in each other’s development
  • Create forward-thinking new art
  • Educate audiences with a cultural sensitivity

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A home for music made on the writing camps and an expanding worldwide roster, all with collaboration at its core. We will never take a majority of royalties to ensure maximum artist return while creating a sustainable label.
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For each writing camp, we programme a series of events in the host country and the UK to generate additional income for artists, win them new fans in new territories, and educate audiences about new music with a cultural sensitivity towards those creating it. 
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For each writing camp, tour and release, we help artists gain additional exposure through online and physical editorial, radio and streaming.

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While creative opportunities can help enhance artist’s careers, that alone, is not enough to tackle some unsettling facts:

  • 12% of the music industry’s revenue goes to artists. [Citigroup, 2017]
  • Just 12% of musicians surveyed by the 2019 Music Industry Investigation Report reported that 80% – 100% of their income came from music-related work.
  • Out of 2000 UK musicians surveyed by The Musicians Union in 2014, 78% earn a gross annual income of less than £30k. 56% earn less than £20k and 20% earn less than £10k from their work.

Even before the added consequences of Covid, the revenue model of performing and selling music isn’t sufficient for most artists to live off their work. To create meaningful and long-lasting impact for artists, finding alternative commercial opportunities is essential.
We approach this in a few ways:


Provide workshops and support to help artists navigate the business side of the music industry and diversify their revenue streams to develop more secure, sustainable futures.


Public funding is a hugely untapped resource for artists, with vast sums available but difficult to secure because of lengthy, demanding applications. With over £85k secured in grants, we support the artists in our community to access similar opportunities to realise their own creative projects.


Run by a team with over 20 years of Publishing experience, we offer:

  • Collection: an infrastructure for artists to collect royalties for the use of their music worldwide.
  • Contacts: links to sync companies, production houses and media platforms with a demand for music that compliments their global-facing content.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: for the work we sign, with an awareness and appreciation for each artist’s unique story.
  • Diversity: we welcome producers around the world at the forefront of musical creativity, bringing opportunities to voices that are traditionally marginalised by publishing companies.
  • Experience: from a team who live and work in the music industry with decades of experience in publishing and artist development.
  • Flexibility: contracts will be shorter and for tracks not whole catalogues, giving artists greater control over the ownership of their work.


We take a new approach to an industry that is notoriously unequal:

  • More accessible for emerging artists who need the income the most
  • Support artists in diversifying their output to suit film and documentary briefs
  • Based around a diverse roster of artists from global scenes
  • We only work with clients who place the context of the music at the forefront of their visual storytelling.